thinking about getting that damn Leona Lewis song on Itunes...

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Im the kind of guy that gets songs stuck in his head easily, and if I like it, I get it on itunes. And after hearing that GOD DAMN SONG so many times on that FF 13 360 TV ad, im seriously starting to gain a liking to it and am condering using my last 1.29 on itunes to get it. My questions are:  
A. have you ever learned of a new song that you ended up liking because you heard it on a TV ad or something, and that was your first Exposure to it.  
B. Am I a bad person for doing this?  
BTW: for those who dont know what the song is, this is it  
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which song is it?
A. yes
B. not because of this...but those three dead hookers in your trunk are another issue

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I reluctantly like those commercials too.  That song is so fucking catchy.  It was on like 5 times during those UFC fights last night.

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its called "My Hands" ill link you a youtube video of it.  
Lyrics are kinda stupid.
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" thepiratebay "
There is alot better sites than tpb.
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Yeah, this song is actually pretty good.

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Dude, I totally can sympathize with this.  The song is my newest guilty pleasure.  Yes, this means Lady Gaga has been de-throned for me (for the moment).

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a. yes 
b. nope. but youre getting there!

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I listened to this a couple of times while working on the review. :(

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dude. I got it because of the trailer. am I a bad person? :(

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I've got that damn song in my head, too. Nothing like spending 2 hours going through Chapter 6 and hearing that song the whole time. At least it's better than Chapter 5's. 
Speaking of songs I got into via T.V. commercials, She's Got Me Dancing by Tommy Sparks is a recent discovery. It's pretty good, actually. I'd rather have that song as FFXIII's background music. It was featured in ads for the Sony EyePet and iPhone.

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This song sucks balls.
Edit: This has happened to me, though, but with the Kingdom Hearts one, and I don't even like Kingdom Hearts.

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Yeah I like that song too, especially since I saw it so many times in the FFXIII commercials and that awesome trailer, it's a good pop song
You should just get it

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I really like her.  I've got both of her CDs.

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@Raven_Sword: Its not a bad song. And the people who were complaining about its inclusion in the western versions of FF13 need to listen the the original theme some more; its ultra-generic jpop and not that great. My Hands is a big improvement and still sounds like a Final Fantasy song to me. Doesnt it remind anyone else of the english version of 1000 Words?
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I really hate those commercials because I have no idea who they're supposed to appeal to. Leona Lewis appeals to 12-year old girls who hate games, and Final Fantasy XIII appeals to nerds. 
But still, the only song I can remember that I bought after hearing it from a commercial/TV Show was "Eyes" by Rogue Wave, which was on at the end of the Heroes Pilot. 
And B, yes, you would be a bad person for doing this. 

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@DJbruce92 said:
" @MAN_FLANNEL said:
" thepiratebay "
There is alot better sites than tpb. "
Like, sites that support the artists.
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A: Yes 
B: Yes. You are a tool.

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@Brad said:
" I listened to this a couple of times while working on the review. :( "
Why the sad face Brad? Are you that drained from FFXIII?
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I used to listen to that for hours everyday. She also sings the avatar theme song.

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Ive got that and both Kingdom Hearts songs on my Zune on my playlist that I just set on shuffle and play over and over and over and over again...

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I love you, always forever, near or far, always together... 
Oops, that's Donna Lewis... i'm sorry.

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