To give up or not give up on the game...hmm (spoilers)

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Again, SPOILER warning
I'll try to keep the rant short, because i actually quite like, if not love the game. But throw cheap tactics at me and i might just tell you to fuck off. Case in point, the return of Barthy on chapter 11... Doom? Really? I know previous bosses already used this (including the summons of course) but talk about a cheap way to make a fight artificially hard. And of course the fight is really long, so off to do it all again. Or not, like the topic says. 
See, my problem with shit like this is, I'm not 8 anymore. I can afford my own games. So you throw some arbitrary "DOOM" insta kill mechanic on me, on a fight that takes like 20minutes (or more? i didnt time FELT like 3 hours long >_>), in a game that is already 40 hours long and wearing its welcome thin, and ill most likely say "fuck this shit, ill go play something else, i have multiple games to play square". 
Thats about it, like I said, I like the game, sometimes even love it, but im seriously about to quit it, because this is simply not fun for me. 
Feel free to tell me how much I suck at the game, hey, its probably true :D Time to cool off, ill ponder if ill sell the game or keep at it later when im calmer :D

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Don't worry. You're not the only one. I was lucky to get him at the last 10 seconds of the Doom counter. Anyways, my rant is how come we don't get the Doom ability? I really want to be able to use it when I'm farming the Adamantoise. All the enemies get all the good stuff.

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Honestly, the game gets even more frustrating in chapter 13. You are close to the end though so it depends on how invested you are .

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I actually never encountered Barthandelus' Doom (My friend did, and I don't know why I didn't get it) but honestly if you're having trouble the best thing to do is to go grind for some CP. 
I got through this fight with Snow as my sentinel, Hope as my healer and Lightning as my commando. When I wanted to stack up the chain, I used Snow and Hope as Ravagers because I upgraded Snows' Soul Blazer to max (Feymark Tier2) so he was around the same Magic as Hope at that time. (Hope has since far surpassed him in Magic though)

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@xyzygy: I could grind some CP if you catch my drift ;)
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@GetEveryone: Sounds like a great idea, I'll meet you in the lobby at 11.
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@xyzygy said:
"(My friend did, and I don't know why I didn't get it)  "
I am not 100% sure (I'd say 90%) but I believe the doom is time based. It is simply an enrage timer for anyone familiar with WoW terminology. So if you do get it you need to speed your shit up.
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@GetEveryone said:
" @xyzygy: I could grind some CP if you catch my drift ;) "
If that's what I'm thinking then you're sick.
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He never used doom on me. 
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oh lol, the last boss has a PROPER instant death spell, much worse than doom... haha. fuck this shitty design, even if i do finish the game

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Give up. It is a shit game anyways.
Everyone will forget about this shitty game by the end of the year.

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@Lambert said:
" Give up. It is a shit game anyways.  Everyone will forget about this shitty game by the end of the year. "
nah, just finished it, its pretty good :D I stand by my hatred of the shitty instant death mechanics, but apart from that, I liked it a lot. Hell, I hadn't finished a Final Fantasy since 7, so there ya go :P 
Now, what to trade it in for...Resonance of Fate for probably more frustration on how hard it is, or Soni All Stars Racing for some relaxing lols?

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