Who is your favorite boss or enemy to fight?

#1 Posted by xyzygy (10592 posts) -

We've all probably had our fair share of epic battles in FFXIII, but which one of them tops them all? 
For me, It's so intense fighting the Shaolong Gui during the post game. They have so many openings to kill you, but through fast switching and a wicked strategy from GB's own Killjoi, I can now take care of them with no problem and the fights are still awesome to play out. 
I also had fun fighting the Proudclad, and Barthandelus on the bridge in Oerba.

#2 Posted by ZenaxPure (2584 posts) -

I actually found Orphan the most fun, but I haven't got to the hard missions in Pulse yet... so we will see.

#3 Posted by uniform (1836 posts) -

The Giant Cactuar. I couldn't stop smiling when watching it's animations.

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