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The Hallway

The game is just not fun. Most of the time you aren't even playing the game. Seriously. Most of the time you are listening to the characters talk to each other or watching some kind of cinema scene. Cinema scenes are awesome, but when I put in a game I want to play it, not watch it the entire time. When you actually are playing the game, you only "control" one character, and by control I mean you select "auto combat" option every time it's your character's turn. The rest of the time you are listening to the characters bicker at each other which gets annoying really fast. I think the thing that completely sealed the deal for a one star rating was the fact that the entire game I played, which was somewhere around ten hours, was one very long hallway. No walking around expansive cities, or getting lost in monster infested dungeons. Nope, this entire game takes place in a long Hallway. Sometimes the hallway masquerades as a frozen lake, or a damaged railroad track, but it's just masquerading. This game is one long boring Hallway.


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