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This is NOT a Final Fantasy game, even though it's a good game.


 Vanille is checking out the scenery
This is NOT an RPG.  I don't know what THIS is?  But this should NOT have Final Fantasy on the front cover.  I'm sorry, but there it is.  Had this game been named "ANY ELSE", I probably would be reacting to it completely differently.  In a lot of ways, Square should be commended for basically inventing a whole new genre.  A different style of game play, something that has never seen before.  An exceptional way of telling a story.  This has never been done before, and it's brilliant.   (I've played this for over 45 hours) 
  • The story is excellent.  
  • The visuals are stunning.  
  • The Music is beyond words.  
  • The presentation is well done. 
  • The battles are technically challenging.  
 Every section of this game is beautiful. There's NO denying that.

 However, having said that, I just wish this was an actual "RPG", which is what I was hoping it would be.  This "single person, Halo-esque / football playbook" style of game play is really not my thing.  It may appeal to a wider attendance, but then again, it may not.  This game does NOT fuck around.  It is hard.  I really can't see Soccer moms, old ladies, little children, and Frat boys, picking THIS up for a causal play through.   People either like RPG's or they don't.  There's no in between on this issue.  And, the things that people love about RPG's are missing.   

  • No Character Control
  • No Leveling/Magic Meter
  • No Exploring
  • No Towns
  • No Quest
  • No Puzzles
  • No Fun.

Square makes RPG's, that what they do.  It's what they've done for 20 years.  On some level, they had to KNOW what our reactions would be.  (I mean, come on... no demo?)  They really should have named this something else.  A brand new IP from Square, I think it still would have sold.  That's hard to tell.  Square has millions of loyal fans, that will probably hate this game, and the other million will defend it endlessly.  Check it out and form your own opinion.

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 I totaly agree with your review. An your grammar is better than my!  
I only hope that the final fantasy 14 mmo will be good and I can finally left WOW before the release of SWTOR.
The only company making good RPGs right now is bioware. They never dissapoint me. I can't say the same thing about Square.

Posted by jamBOT
@Democritus: Thank you

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