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I enjoyed the game, but it really tested my endurance.  I would get tired just trying to figure out all the Fal'Cie mumbo jumbo.   I felt that this game had something to say to me, but it was lost through all the bad drama and bad story telling throughout the game.  There weren't many memorable moments and I never had that driving feeling of what happens next.  
The level design felt like a joke for the first 20 hours of game play.  They were extremely linear.   The RPG is strong with various ways to tool your crew in the Crystalarium.  The paradigm was a fresh way to change up classes of characters and keep the battle exciting.  The paper doll for gear is somewhat interesting with the improvement of the weapons through items you earned through combat.  It seemed extremely useful to, but with a lack of instructions and information it never truly fleshed out and realized.  To me it seemed very hit or miss.    The gameplay is that of almost of a constant grind.  A dungeon crawler that’s only pace change is with repetitive cinematics.  I got extremely tired playing waves and waves of similar enemies. 
The presentation of the game makes you ALMOST forget the rest because it’s so beautiful, but that is the norm for most Final Fantasy games.  Too basically sum it up; Final Fantasy 13 is visually stunning.
Overall  a beautiful game that just fell flat with a confusing and failed story.  With very ho hum closed off level design and decent combat make Final Fantasy a Par for the course.  So Rent it.  

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