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Final Fantasy Couture

I thought it wasn't a very good game. The BoyBand fashion aesthetic and dialogue were silly. They should have spent less time on hairdos and more time on addictive gameplay. I disliked the streamlined battles and fussy upgrade system. I'm all for fast pacing and I think it can be done successfully, but eliminating too many tactical decisions amounts to a dull game. also, I think developers can strike a balance between open worlds and the fixed hallway progression. For example, half life 2 was extremely linear but it didnt feel linear. I read somewhere that Square ignored a lot of criticism in the development phase which is a shame because this could have been an excellent game. I love some of the character and monster designs, There are lots of massive spectacles that I wish i could have seen (though film spectacles are good for movies and just a touch works for games). After six hours of inscrutable story line and uninspired level design I had to move on. Thank you Giant Bomb for a scrupulously fair review.


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