A New Experience Since FF11

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How does the game play for everyone.  Even with a top edge computer I'm running I'm still getting some lag issues (it may be because of everyone joining the servers in the first week). 
Overall it's a new experience since FF11 with using a game-pad instead of a control.  One thing to really learn and understand is the new classes that the game has to offer.  I was totality lost of understanding what my character would be and what he/she can do in combat. 
What is everyone else experience so far with the game?

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I have a new computer and the game seems to run fine ...getting some screen tearing at times though (mostly when questing outside the city). Dont know if it is a driver issue or an issue with latency.  I did turn anti aliasing on in order to see if that will remove the occasional tearing. Havent logged into the game yet to testi the change out.
And yes I was pretty lost at the beginning. The game could explain stuff better. The manual that comes with it is paper thin. I did visit the Squares infosite "Lodestone" but it seems to have
pretty limited info  relating to character development...it had information about character creation but rest of the stuff was mostly about subscription and problems relating to it.

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