Alternate US world for non-legacy, if Ultros stays maxed

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Edit: Or, of course, they could close all NA worlds for new character creation. Man, this whole launch is kind of a mess.

Double Edit: Marlboro is accepting new characters again, and both me and the others I'm playing with were able to make a character and log in without even a queue. So I guess the idea is still valid

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Hey All,

While I really hope Ultros's situation gets better come Monday/Tuesday when they turn up the other servers, in the case that it doesn't: Friends and I have made a bunch of alts on Odin, and haven't had any issue's logging in to it, surprisingly. If others want to join in on Odin, we can make a satellite Free Company for the main one eventually, and if Ultros doesn't shape up, we could transfer the majority over (assuming SE keeps to the 1 free transfer thing they talked about in beta.)

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