Changing servers soon. The FC active still?

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I've been waiting for quite some time for server transfers, and I'm either going to join Ultros (For the Giant Bomb FC) or Gilgamesh (For the FFXIV Reddit FC), coming from Goblin.

How active is the FC? I love Giant Bomb, and all you guys, but I'd much rather be in whatever the more active FC is. I'd also like to know that the FC will stay on the server that they're stationed on. THis became a big issue for me in GW2 when my guild moved servers, and I couldn't afford the server transfer. As a result, I got left behind, and eventually kicked out.

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There are usually dudes on and the seem to run a lot of light party content. It doesn't seem like a large group, though. (I can only speak from observation, being a lowbie myself)

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We're still pretty active for the most part (around 10-30 people online at any given time). Most people are capping on their first jobs now and we're starting to get into running some endgame stuff. There's only a few on the higher end that run the hard mode primal fights as of right now though, and the more endgame obsessed have kind of bled off and started their own companies regimented at doing things like Coil, Hard Mode Titan and relic/tome speedrunning, which is okay too (and a definitely gives the linkshell some purpose so those guys can still keep in touch). The number of people that play day to day seems to be around 150 actively (i.e. people that have logged in less than a day ago). We do have quite a few in the company that haven't logged in in over two weeks, but I expected the rate to drop pretty sharply as the subscription fee loomed closer and other games started coming out.

In short, come on over. You're more than welcome. We have 235 members right now, so we're about halfway to the 512 member limit. I'm only gonna start clearing out inactive people if we get too full. Give me your name, class, and a time you'll be on. I'll make sure someone is around to invite you.

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i would come over, but the transfer system says i have no available characters for transfers

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Transferring to Ultros right now. My character's name is Jensen Fiore. My class is Paladin, and if you PM me whenever you are on, I will be on. I'm free essentially most of tomorrow, though I'm more likely to be on during the evening, So, 6-12 EDT.

And 'Answers' is playing on my computer right now as I do this. Holycrapthisissoawesome.

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