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I just hit Rank 10/Level 10 and I'm still wearing the same gear as I started with since level 1.   
Reason being FF14 seems to make it a bit hard to find/buy gear.  In FF11 I always just went straight to the Auction House and got what I wanted.  Now it seems that you have to search every player in the game to find what you need which is fine and all but not when you can't search/sort through the whole server.  Anyone getting around with this issue?

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yea it is pretty hard to obtain new armor in the game. most of my armor was obtained through grinding out goldsmithing and weaving. but what you would have to do is level up basically all the crafting classes since they each need something that another class can make.

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That's what I was worry of that.  I know the game could be rewarding to the players in some ways.  I guess I'm just lazy and would like to scan/pick my gear and keep moving on :-p

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It seems that at the moment the only way to find out what materials crafting recipes need is to check out the Final Fantasy fansites which have the recipes. Also the marketplace is a mess. You have to manually search through tens of npc retainers in order to find some of the materials that you need.
The game is a fun game in many ways but I simply cant fathom why Square Enix is struggling against making a searchable market place. I didnt really subscribe to a mmo to click through other peoples inventories for 1 or 2 hours in order to find something that I need.
Also the crafting requires items from multiple crafting professions which means that unless you train up various crafting professions you have to use the so called "market" in order to craft stuff or be in a guild.

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