FFXIV’s Exceeds Expectations, Prompts Earnings Increase

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(via Siliconera)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn outperformed and Square Enix revised their earning forecast. Their original estimate for net sales was between 59 billion yen ($598 million) and 63 billion yen ($639 million). This number was adjusted to 61.7 billion yen ($626 million).

Square Enix original estimated up to a 2 billion yen ($20 million) operating loss, but thanks to Final Fantasy XIV and strong arcade sales Square Enix expects 4.7 billion yen ($48 million) of operating profit. That’s a significant turn around. Net income was adjusted from between 0 to a 1.3 billion yen ($13 million) loss to 2.6 billion yen profit ($26 million). All numbers are for the six month period ending on September 30, 2013.

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Some welcome news. Glad to hear that their relaunch efforts have paid off, even if totally recouping their investment including the 1.0 version may never be possible.

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Great news! It's still a bit of a shock how much that game blew up out of nowhere.

I haven't logged in for a few weeks, but I've not abandoned it yet. I hate that I'm wasting money by not playing it, but I just don't feel like playing it right now. Darn subscriptions.

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Great news, Realm Reborn is a good MMO. It is what FF14 should have been on day one and is more than capable of cutting out it's own niche in the MMO market. Glad to see square enix is turning it around.

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And well-deserved. The amount of work they put into ARR, taking the good criticism and weathering the shitty, really shows. Hopefully this signals a bigger turnaround.

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Though FF14 isn't really my cup of tea, it's really nice to read good news about Square Enix.

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Great news! The wrench can be thrown at Blizcon which is coming up soon. If Blizzard shows off the next expansion with a bunch of new features then Sqaure-Enix will need to react.

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Glad to hear that! it feels like the only news about earnings reports I hear lately are negative, maybe they'll use this money to fund a FF7 HD remake? Huh guys?!?

No. Use it to keep the business afloat.

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good for them

the thing now is they need to keep making updates to it so the player base remains but happy for the dedication they put in it

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Awesome news. What a turnaround for that game.

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This is such good news. I can't wait until I get a PC that can actually play this game. Square Enix deserves it.

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This here is some awesome news, happy to see Square getting some positive press and for a game that i am totally enjoying too. They say p2p is dead but this could be the one that makes a case for it.

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Lets hope FFXV can do the same turn around for the series. XIV was descent. Should stay profitable for them for a while to come but I don't think it's the best MMO on the market.

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Oh right...Final Fantasy 14, kinda completely forgot about that.

I still want to play that game sometime, I'm just far too busy right now, it's nice to see it doing well for them at least and that their efforts weren't wasted.

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I'm done with the game until they fix Titan Hard Mode. The amount of lag an individual can have in that fight varies so greatly that even when you're doing things right you can still get hit by plumes or bombs. Done this fight in the 50+ range and still no success. And I've given up farming for buying a Titan win.

I know the mechanics, I know the rotation but I can't tell you how many times I've been out of a plume for 1-2 seconds and still get hit by it even pre moving.

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