Final Fantasy XIV βeta Impressions - Character Creations: Birth of Mud Butt

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Gentlemen (and Ladies),

Life is a beautiful thing. Sometimes life gives birth two a beautiful daughter that I so longingfully want and other times it will give you Randy Pitchford (can someone say topical!). Square Enix gave birth to the former many years ago in the shape of Vana'diel. Back when your favorite poster Kaos was a wee kid in his late teens, he played some FFXI. A Red Mage, to be honest.

Best MMO of his life. Sadly, ended up having a life and didn't have time for MMOs. Thus bring us to the story of FFXIV 1.0 and if I could describe it in anyway, I would have to say it was like I was forced to endure playing DOTA 2 with Russians on my team.

But, Square with their somehow mysterious infinite money decided to delay Nomura's FFVersus XIII and KH3 to fix up FFXIV.

Thus, we have 2.0 mother fuckers. Over the course of the months in βeta I will be doing a blog talking about my experiences in this 2.0. Pending how soon my military orders come (which are due in a couple weeks at most).

Let's start off with Character creation.

What better way to make a character than to get my beautiful fiance to help me out. So I decided to share my screen with her. We both agreed neko slut.

You got the usual shin-dings of how to make her look. But for fun I decided to strip the cat to her panties and ask Ashley how long her tail should be. She said short.

She also isn't a cat person. Oh well.

There's also the size of her bust. I picked very large. Ashley pointed out that I am indeed a male and as such, she agreed it should be this way.

Then we messed around with how she looks.

Ta-da. I present to you Mud Butt.

Overall we are proud of our work. Sadly, all good things come to a close and when I hit confirm Squeenix said servers were loaded so we had to start of scratch.

Ashley said she's gonna get a drink so now we wait to remake Mud Butt.

Coming from 1.0, this is a much better improvement. Not much has changed from the Alpha build but I'll keep you guys updated with how the βeta is once I log in.

Character creation is okay. I mean, I'm playing as a fucking cat girl. Not much to expect.

Currently hype for FFXIV 2.0 - meh

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-Thumbs up-

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Update: Mud Butt has joined the sever. Made a stock toon to speed by everyone mashing into the servers. Will re-roll soon. But I repeat, Mud Butt is alive and well on the Moogle Server. Graphics pretty. Music from The Hobbit. Movement is like a normal MMO.

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Is it actually ok to post info and screenshots of this? I thought you had to agree to a NDA when signing up for the beta?

I could swear that i saw it while doing it myself.

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Update 2: Found out Squeenix will whip toons tonight anyway. Might as well get the question out of the way that's been bugging people. How's the online cybering with FFXIV heroes? I did ask but sadly Ash was looking at the screen I was sharing and said turn it off when I asked.

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@saft: Welp, Squeenix is gonna hate /v/, SomethingAweful, and Reddit right now then.

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All-weekend beta coming up. Looking forward to it (since I missed the last one)

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@strikealight: so I got the email for it and registered the code for the beta test. Do I still need to wait to get invited to the beta test or can I get in now and im missing something?

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@connerthekewlkid said:

@strikealight: so I got the email for it and registered the code for the beta test. Do I still need to wait to get invited to the beta test or can I get in now and im missing something?

The game is currently mid-way in Phase 1 of closed beta, and the servers aren't available 24/7.

Check the email and it will provide a link to the beta forums, which has all the information needed on how to get started.

Since the game is currently under a strict NDA, its difficult to say any more.

Edit - you should be good to go, though!

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