Free Company Pictures

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Some of the better ones I took, sorry I don't have the name tags up, please refer to the ones above from @nadesico33 :)

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Some of the better ones I took, sorry I don't have the name tags up, please refer to the ones above from @nadesico33 :)

There's some amazing stuff going on in the first photo. A Chocobo mooning the camera and someone kneeling on someone else's head.

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Here's a few I've snapped that turned out okay, and the best two of the group shots

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A couple of the many, many---many shots I took. I posted most of the decent ones in the Official Company OP.

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Here's some screenshots of us running Praetorium! Warning it's kinda spoilery for those who haven't finished the main quest line.

They're mostly from cutscenes with no name tags, so I edited the first one to have names for the intro :)

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Wow, that picture with the glowy boss dying is great. Too bad I look terrible next to all of you in your awesome armor.

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Our first (and to date, only!) attempt at Titan HM.

Bar party. Ajax got naked and professed to loving me.

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I remembered that bar party! I got teleported back from a dungeon and everybody was in their swimwear suddenly lol

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Waiting for Hydra.

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Bunch of shots, old and new.

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Joycelen, Avexxis, Meekuh and Cathelia camped out at the two Fate locations Lightning is expected to spawn on the night/day the event started. It was long waiting for her to spawn, but we managed to make the most of our time, including posing as a group and with two random hotties! When Lightning finally appeared she would start fighting and the "Fate Complete" logo would change to the FFXII font. She will stand still for a couple of seconds before vanishing - only leaving white feathers behind.

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Cat head in the work bench is funny.

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