Giant Bomb company dungeon & boss run stream/video(s)

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I've been using my Twitch for the past few weeks to record dungeon-runs with parties that are mostly composed of just people in our company. We're slowly starting to work our way through some of the endgame stuff to help everyone with their relic quests and whatnot. I think the majority of us all got up to the Titan fight last night after collectively fighting Hard Mode Garuda like 15-20 times to get her weapon drops. It may come in handy for some of the new members who want to see how some of the fights work or whatever (or just be amused by how some shit plays out for us sometimes).

  1. Giant Bomb on Ifrit and Garuda [Hard Mode] [video]
  2. Giant Bomb vs Hydra [video]
  3. Giant Bomb rematch vs Garuda [Hard Mode] [video]
  4. Wanderer's Palace with Giant Bomb [video]
  5. Amdapor Keep Giant Bomb company run [video]
  6. Trouncing the Chimera with Giant Bomb [video]
  7. Garuda [Hard Mode] with Giant Bomb [video]
  8. Amdapor Keep Giant Bomb company run [video]
  9. CM runs with Giant Bomb Company 1/2 [video]
  10. CM runs with Giant Bomb Company 2/2 [video]
  11. Ifrit [Hard Mode] Runs With Giant Bomb [video]
  12. Giant Bomb guild low-level (Sastasha) dungeon runs! [video]
  13. Giant Bomb takes on Dzemael Darkhold [video]
  14. Giant Bomb on Ifrit and Garuda [Hard Mode]
  15. GBomb farming Garuda 1/2
  16. GBomb farming Garuda 2/2
  17. Wanderer's Palace GBomb
  18. A GBomb Garuda and farming Lightning

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