Hi guys, really want to try out this game

#1 Posted by Silock (237 posts) -
 Its a big stab in the dark I know but does anyone have a spare buddy pass that they wont be using, if so can you send it me? I have been dieing to try this game out, it looks extremely entertaining and I'd love to be able to try the game out based on my opinion not reviewers : ) 

So if you can, please spare one for me guys, if not thanks anyway and I hope you are all having a blast! I hear theres big changes coming to this game over the next 6 months. 

My Email Address is: 

shenfrey@gmail.com (obviously if you can spare one)

Thanks guys! 
#2 Posted by KaosAngel (13764 posts) -

I used mine already, and the free trial doesn't get you 30 days free.  It's only for people who bought it. 
Also, it's kinda lame when you're new and you just want a free guest key.   >.>

#3 Posted by Silock (237 posts) -
Lame or not, I was only asking and there is no harm in that : ) I mean no harm anyway. 

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