How is the ps3 version?

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Is there a massive patch even with the disc version?

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There are patches, but the patch from beta phase 4 into early access was like 5-10 minutes to download for me. (With only a decent internet connection.)

"Disc version" doesn't really mean anything though, it's the same game.

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Is it 15 bucks a month on ps3?

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@bane122: eh I'll be back in a few months when it's free to play.

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@jz said:

@bane122: eh I'll be back in a few months when it's free to play.

Good luck with that. FFXI is still P2P after 10 years. How about you just try it out, you get a free month to play. Patch isn't that large either.

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The game isnt going free to play anytime soon, this game is a good poster child for why sub mmos still have a place in gaming...or at least it will be when the server woes have been resolved. I dont say this about many games but this is definetly worth the monthly payment.

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@kagato: any idea what the install size might be?

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@panelhopper: The install size is 7,440 MB on PS3. If you buy the game digitally then you'll need roughly double that to install it because of the way PS3 downloads work.

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@warlordpayne: Ok, cool. That means the only thing standing in my way is the money. The jury is still out on this game for me. I love Final Fantasy but with the FFx HD collection coming I might just wait and replay those awesome games rather than risk this...I dunno, I've got a huge nostalgia high waiting for that game but I want to get into this....

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@panelhopper - Just be aware at this point we have nearly 3gb of patches so you will have a fairly long download period even with the disc, the longer you hold off the better the servers will be and the more content will be available so it might be worth waiting if you are in two minds about it.

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@kagato: I definitely will hang back I think, MMOs can be tricky. Besides if I need my FF fix ( and I kinda do) PSN can oblige me.

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I'm actually super curious on how well it functions on the PS3. I am a long time FF fan, and I also used to play a decent amount of WoW back when I was a freshman in college. I have a decent amount of interest in this, but can't imagine how an MMO would work on console with the lack of a ton of action bars and having to use a controller for everything. Does anyone want to fill me in on how it holds up? If it works well I may be sold.

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