Live Letter 10/19/2013

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Biggest things I'm gleaning from the stream right now:

  1. WAR is finally getting buffs to put it on par with PLD (they finally admitted it!).
  2. DPS melee (PUG & DRG) are also getting buffs.
  3. Bard is likely to take a nerf.
  4. New Veteran rewards to include a behemoth mount, and some classic final fantasy character minions (e.g. Mini Vivi).
  5. Small player housing likely to cost 850k gil (very speculative on this one).
  6. Player housing looks far more expansive than I personally thought I would be. Stuff looks like low-end Sims-level customization. I'll make a poll closer to 2.1's release on where we should place the company housing.

More here (live translation from Reinhart)

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They're nerfing BRD? Sucks. It's faceroll easy DD, but that doesn't make it a good DD. In binding coil you find their damage tapers off fast compared to the other DD jobs and their job is mostly just to interrupt with silences.

They also scale really badly with gear.

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