Lodestone Radio - A Final Fantasy XIV Podcast

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Lodestone Radio is a new podcast starring Saieno (Outlanders - Istory), Pippa (Fancy Hat Brigade - Besaid) and Neiloch (Outlanders - Istory). Their goal is to have a weekly podcast about anything and everything Final Fantasy XIV-related, keeping the length around 1h 30m. For the podcast, Saieno decided to recruit his long time gaming friends to talk about their latest obsession, Final Fantasy XIV. The chemistry between the three hosts is natural and their discussions are very engaging thanks to their wealth and diversity of MMO experiences.

In their flagship episode they cover a wealth of information from official news to community speculation all the way to a core feature discussion.

Show Highlights: October 15th, 2010 Version Update Changes, Trial Period Extension, and November and December Update Plans (Ask the Devs / Letter from the Director).

Topics Covered: User Interface, Inventory Sorting, Menu Navigation, Maps, Log Window and Chat, Menu Changes, Targetting, Keyboard Settings, Markets and Retainers, Return and Teleport Costs, Battle Balance, Monster Placement, Guildleves, Synthesis and Server Load/Lag. Unimplemented Jobs and Game Information Speculation and a feature discussion on Battle Regimens and Incapacitation.

Every Saturday, Lodestone Radio records new episodes so be sure to visit the website at http://www.lodestoneradio.com and register. Post on the forums, send questions & commentary to the cast and be sure to tell your friends!

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Hummm.....may have to take a look...

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When you listen to it, be sure to listen to the whole thing. The bloopers are hilarious lol.

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 Episode 2 - Ragequit Reviews is now out! on iTunes and http://www.lodestoneradio.com

In this episode we cover the October 23rd version update, and the Ask the Devs article in Equipment Breaking News. We make some announcements, such as Lodestone Radio now being available on iTunes, and 15,000 downloads in 24 hours!

Then we tackle Final Fantasy XIV Reviews in Community Service, finishing off the podcast with a discussion of the Fatigue System in Meat & Potatoes. We read off some feedback we recieved from the first episode, and we announce a new segment we'll be starting next week called "FAQs or Facts".

Be sure to review us on iTunes, and we'll see you next week!

If you'd like to participate in the new FAQs or Facts segment, send your questions to ask@lodestoneradio.com

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