Looking to play with other GBers?

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Hey all. If any of you have any interest in playing FF14 when version 2.0 comes out then you guys can add me (Oster Senra) to your friends list. I'm on the Gungnir server though, so you'd have to be on that server. I also run a very small Linkshell (guild) called Moon Tree; I made it because I had .hack//G.U. on my mind. I made that Linkshell to gather players who want to help out other players, but it turns out not a lot of people care about that. Most of my members barely log on anymore while others have left for other groups or servers.

But yeah, if you guys have any interest in playing this and find yourselves on the Gungnir server, then let me know. I'm gonna stick with the game and see how far it can go after the 2.0 release. The Guild system still needs a lot of work though so I can't add anyone to the Linkshell (again, if anyone is interested) without being physically next to them (which is really dumb). So yeah, I think that's it =)

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Also playing this game atm and will play for a while, (Okazaki Masamune) you can find me on the masamune server.

if you still lookin for more folks to play with feel free to join us on masamune when/if they add server traversal during the beta

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