So about the Beta Codes.

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This reads in the official site of FFXIV.

The North American #PS3 Beta Test phase 4 promo code emails are now being sent out to our previous test participants! Keep an eye out!

So are Europeans out of luck or something? I've been checking my e-mail all day in hopes of code. ;_;

All this hassle between "You need new code between Phases 1.7 and 2.3.." and "You get early access by.." "No you have to pre-order in order to.." "But if you had 1.0 you can.." makes me so confused.

If the case is that they won't send PS3 codes to Europeans, am I out of luck for playing the beta or..?

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@verendus: I'm in the UK and already got my code. Have you checked your junk folder? That's where mine ended up.

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@petiew: I did, didn't find beta code but luckily women in my area are eager to meet me. Well, I refuse to go to panic mode (Yeah right, that's why I made the thread in the first place) there's still time for the code to arrive, right?

Right? It has to.. ;_;

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@verendus: Were you in the closed beta? If not you might get it a bit later, unless you've got it now?

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@verendus: i got a beta code but i decided i didnt want it. dont know if you can use it but pm me if you want it.

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