So what are you playing on?

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Poll: So what are you playing on? (51 votes)

PC 67%
PS3 24%
waiting for PS4 10%

Just curious to see what system that giantbomb members are gravitating towards.

#1 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

i bought the PS3 version. When the PS4 version is released and I buy the console, I'll probably pick that up. Unless I get a new PC that can run it, cause then i'll just buy he PC version.

#2 Posted by Verendus (363 posts) -

PS3, for now. I'll buy PS4 version once there's a while where I won't be playing other next-gen games. Battlefield 4 will take a lot of my time, I already know it.

#3 Posted by DarkShaper (1363 posts) -

I'm playing on the PC.

#4 Posted by DonChipotle (3076 posts) -

PC. I will probably get the PS4 version just because I like the game that much

#5 Edited by Petiew (1384 posts) -

PS3. That shit is busted!

#6 Posted by Bleshoo (159 posts) -

PC, but playing with a PS3 controller.

#7 Posted by Vermisean (159 posts) -

PC, mouse and keyboard!

#8 Posted by kagato (1072 posts) -

I had 1.0 on PC and thats my main version (with 360 gamepad) since it is the prettiest of the two. I bought the PS3 game too so id be able to play if my pc ever broke down and having played it im glad it exists...but if you have the choice the PC version is the one to go for. I have also pre-ordered the PS4 version so i guess i could have LAN parties at some point, but main reason for PS4 version is so i can use the Vita offscreen play for single player stuff when hanging out in my living room.

To be clear, the PS3 version runs fine, it just isnt the version you want to play if you have the choice of one of the other two but if its your only choice then its perfectly playble on it.

#9 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

PC version. I know plenty of people who play PS3 version though, it works great the only real issue is targeting. But that sort of goes for PC too if you play on controller.

#10 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1037 posts) -

I would be playing PC if I had a good computer but for now I'm waiting for the PS4 version before I jump in. I really liked the beta so I'm looking forward to playing it again. Does anyone know if all the versions servers are connected? The only way I wouldn't buy the PS4 edition is if the servers are separate because chances are there would be a low population.

#11 Posted by Petiew (1384 posts) -

@ezakael: Yep, all versions can play with one another. There're no platform exclusive servers.This is supposedly one of the reasons why it isn't on the 360 or the XBone.

If you want to get the PS4 version I've heard that all PS3 players will be able to change to it free of charge.

#12 Posted by ImpendingFoil (586 posts) -


I'm really loving it so far but I'm starting to run into an issue with how I should be setting up my hotbar for my warrior.

#13 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1037 posts) -

@petiew: Okay thanks for the info. I would have gotten the PS3 version but I don't have a PS3 so I have to wait.

#14 Posted by GnaTSoL (841 posts) -

PS4 version should run like the pc counterpart right? The Graphics fidelity at least?

That would be what I get. Getting a gaming pc is too expensive and I wont succumb to pressure from no game.

#15 Posted by Verendus (363 posts) -

People who are not sure if buy it this or next gen, PS3 to PS4 upgrade is free and costs no money.

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