Terrain copy paste syndrome

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It's a 'feature' of FF14 I've spoken of in previous threads...  Well some Japanese site took the time to point this out beautifully and Kotaku linked it off.
Here's the source.

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The site's in Japanese and I'm having a hard time understanding the translation, could you briefly summarize the issue? 

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@Geno said:
" The site's in Japanese and I'm having a hard time understanding the translation, could you briefly summarize the issue?  "
Yea, its in the picture.
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@Geno:  Well to make it simple, Square Enix took many terrain assets and copy pasted them all over the maps.  The problem is it's extremely obvious when even playing the game.  I'll tell you these maps don't even show the sheer amount of copy pasting of terrain geometry that goes on during the game.  The game is mostly made of prefab blocks.
The effect on gameplay is that without using your map it's very easy to get lost.  Also the sheer boredom of seeing the exact same terrain multiple times as you travel in a single direction.
What some guy has done is created those colored bubbles or boxes around the areas that copy geometry.
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@Diamond: Ouch, looks pretty prevalent. Just another reason for me not to get this game I guess, though I've long decided that it's pretty much not worth getting anyway due to its other issues. 
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Why do you guys think that Square Enix doesn't even try when making an MMO? My theory is that they tried to use XI as a cash cow to finance their normal games,but now that that game is dying they're making a replacement.

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Almost every game uses copy-pasted elements to create its environments. Go play Oblivion and Halo, and in 10 min you see prefab blocks everywhere. It's the way things are done. Crecente has been finding anything he can to bash FFXIV on Kotaku, so go there too if you want to troll fans of the game more.

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I'm in two minds about this hey, at the same time WoW has a lot of copied environments too, so it's a common trap for developers trying to push release. I feel the people who have already decided to get the game are going to have fun with it around the copied shrubs and the people who aren't going to get the game aren't going to consider this to be the straw that broke the camels back... there are much worse issues.  
I guess I'm going to get it and have fun with a bad game, you only get out what you put in. 

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@Poost:  There's a difference between prefab assets and prefab terrain & assets.  Halo and Oblivion don't do what FF14 is doing.
The game is an absolute train wreck, people don't have to look hard to find anything wrong with it.
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and yet im still getting it... weird.

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all of life is copy, paste..

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Not finished, however as you can see - 
Red = Straight lines.
Blue = Squiggly lines.
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Yeah; I was constantly having to use my map to get around... was wondering why. I do acknowledge that a lot of games copy attributes and spread them around, but not to this degree.   

I like recognizable landmarks in a video game; those places you return to over and over again. When you finally wander around without looking at your map, and those places become "familiar" to you, there's a sense of connectedness that turns to nostalgia in later years, giving a game longevity.  
I'm still buying this, but I hope I don't become annoyed by repetitive terrain.

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It doesn't seem too bad to get from place to place, in Uldar I could always see the capitol city (and flying ships) to the south so it's not like you can't tell which direction you're heading, Just the reletive distance between two tree stumps. (which the aether stone and map directions sort of make up for)

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Why? Thats my only question why?

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@scarace360:  They did it to save workload, surely.  It's a lot easier to copy paste terrain than to design new terrain.  You don't even save memory footprint in doing something like this.

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