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Wowee, check out that framerate! I hadn't seen any material before this, but I was surprised that the main guy in the CG looks like an actual dude.

So what are your thoughts on the game overall, duders? I myself am incredibly interested in seeing the response and scores for it this time around. It is just an oddly fascinating case. Whether or not I'll pick it up, that's another matter entirely, since I don't have a great love for FF, though I've enjoyed most of the ones I've played.

EDIT: Updated the video to the version with better framerate.

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I'll try the PS3 version. I couldn't get into XI at all, but I like what I've seen of this one.

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If the recent main series games couldn't hold my attention I doubt an MMO version of one will make any difference.

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Square Enix re-released the trailer today, addressing the issue shown in the previous video with the lagginess.

Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida explains:

Hello. Producer/Director Yoshida here.
We’ve re-uploaded the TGS trailer to the web. 4Gamer, even though it was late at night, fixed the link for us. Many thanks. (Apologies that it may be an inconvenience, but I’ll avoid directly linking to it.)
Tomorrow we’ll be giving the links to each media outlet in turn; however, the official site will be updated after another round of QA checks early next week.
For the in-game battle portions, it seems that the bit-rate was lagging due to using a full HD uncompressed AVI taken directly from the PC. At the TGS venue the video was played right from the digital tape, so there were no problems; however, for the web version that was compressed automatically during upload, there was severe stuttering due to a reliance on computer specs and a high amount of lag. I deeply apologize to all of you who were looking forward to this video. (At the TGS venue there were no problems and it can be seen on the big screen.)
Also, for all of our current players concerned about differences between hair, facial expressions, neck movement, and other aspects, we are still in the midst of increasing the quality of everything, so please check out the game videos starting with the alpha version and later.
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@Dekkarra: Good to know, thanks for the vid. Looks much better.

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I'll hop back in if I have the cash. It's shaping up well.

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I'll be picking this up when it comes out on PS3. 

I got into FF11 for a month or two, but by that time it was already fairly dead. The music and the world were great, but the thing that really stuck out to me was the community.
I'd been levelling for probably 30+ hours solo as a white mage tarutaru when I got invited into a linkshell with a bunch of max level players. They bought me a bunch of spells, ferried me about so I could get to the big hub town and helped me level up. I had to run to take a phonecall at one point, and the leader was still just standing there 30 minutes later waiting for me to get back while he wrote a bunch of game tips for me.
Seems like a kind of stupid thing, but that was my first and only MMO experience and it's made me pretty excited to get into XIV. Plus it looks like they've really improved the game.

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@Petiew: Sounds like a really awesome experience. Haven't played it, but I've been told that FFXI pretty much revolves around partying up and that it is hard to level otherwise. Maybe it's changed since, I dunno.

I'm definitely interested in XIV at this point. I think whether or not it will have a subscription fee will be my deciding factor. With everything that they are changing so radically, I'm sure that's what most people are curious about as well.

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I've been looking forward to the PS3 version ever since the game has been announced. I'll get it :]

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I likely will not be buying it, i've sworn off subscription MMOs forever at this point. I will give the trailer one thing, it's a thousand times more interesting than any of the other trailers for the original game. Those old trailers made it look like an incredibly boring game.

Unfortunately I know what the first one was like based on videos uploaded by people on youtube, and I can say with certainty I will never touch that thing and I don't care how many face lifts they give it.

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