Want To Play Final Fantasy XIV? Convert Your Dough Into Crysta

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I am playing FF 14 and I guess I'll use the Crysta. Eventually all the 2 dollar overages will add up, kinda like a savings account? I am skeptical of Click to Buy after reading some horror stories on another fan site. I wonder why a company like SE can't just take direct CC payments? Why all the 3rd party financial institutions?

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@donaldkhogan:  You're my hero right now.
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this is kinda raining on my parade

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@Count_Zero said:
" Wait. So, instead of just letting you pay a flat monthly fee via credit card like everyone else, either just the fee or the fee+ micro-transactions for nonessential but cool extras, or going free-to-play + micro-transactions for nonessential but cool extras, they are instead choosing option C, which is a flat rate, plus an additional monthly fee for essentials in the game, but done through a bizarre moon-money currency system ala Xbox Live Marketplace? 
What do you think, Jean-Luc? 

I couldn't agree more. "

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