What city/race are you starting in, and why?

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So enough of the discussion as FFXIV as a product, what about the actual game.  We have a thread for servers already, but what city/race combo are you guys going to be starting with/have you already started on?  Job doesn't matter so much, since it's readily changed. 
I'll be on Saronia as a Miqo'te (not 100% sure which tribe yet) from Gridania, just because it reminds me of Windurst.  I was a hardcore Windurstian in FFXI, so would like to keep that tradition strong (I also played a Mithra back then as well).

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Hm, I'm not sure myself, I keep switching what I want to be yet XD I'll just have to wait for the game to come out before I completely decide.

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I started with the CE, but have had relatively limited time to put into the game since release. 
I've gone with Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun, starting in Ul'dah. I'd tried a few of the races in the beta, and I'd always been fond of Mithra and Taru's since my days with FFXI, so that was the logical point to start when I began with XIV. I was torn when the game was released, but I just wound up with Miqo'te as I'd rather see more of the outfits and armour, as opposed to little mini versions on the Lalafell :) 
I went with Ul'dah as I liked how impressive the city looked, and the way it was organised. I got a bit sick of Limsa after the closed beta, and whilst Gridania had the best opening story for me, the layout of the city made it hard work to get from A to B. Obviously I still visit those cities, as running to them to touch the crystal for teleportation was one of the first things that I did, but I'll always wind up back in Ul'dah.
I started out as a Pugilist for my main job, and I've dabbled in Goldsmithing too.
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The game could explain the starting choiches a bit better. As a pugilist a better starting town would have been Uldah which has also the pugilist guild (though you cant actually join the guild until level 20 for some weird reason). 
But as I found out Uldah has a nice level 13 pugilist weapon on sale from a npc for a lowly price of 87,000 (pretty expensive but I cant be bothered with the crafting at the moment and marketplace is a mess).
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Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te Archer in Gridania. Though i'm currently in Limsa Lominsa...and unable to play cause the only time i can play the server doesn't seem to like me.
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I'm still in the process of choosing, but I'm thinking it will definitely be Male Hyur Midland (regular one?) and I'm thinking Gridania(sp?) or Limsa Lominsa

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