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No Excuse For The Incomplete 2

I played Final Fantasy XI for years, I ended up buying the PS2 hard drive and a copy of the PC version so I could always be on, and always have a way to farm.  In FFXI I ended up being Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, Summonor, and a bit of the Ninja.  So yes, I am very familiar with Squaresoft’s “focus” on the MMO genre. I paid $79.99 plus 7% sales tax for the collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIV.  I was excited, I was pumped, and I was worried.  After spending time in the beta, I could al...

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My experience so far with ARR. 0

First off, I don't see how it's at all fair consolidating reviews for two different games. Although ARR is version 2.0 of FFXIV, it has almost completely been redone. The engine, UI, battle system, etc is new. Second, a little background on my MMO experience. I started playing FFXI back at NA PC release and still play it currently off and on. Throughout the years I have taken breaks and tried out other MMOs. The list of them is staggering but I always returned to XI. When XIV was released I was ...

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The years I have spent waiting for an MMORPG have finally come to an end. I have long since waited to get away from my PC and in front of my flat screen HD TV to enjoy the real art that is online gaming. No more will I have friends crowding over my shoulder to stare into my PC, no more pop ups ruining my gaming and getting me killed during crucial missions and even PVP. This game crosses the beautifully crafted and interesting world of Final Fantasy and Party Gaming. Now we wait for an in depth ...

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A fun enthralling MMO held down by server woes. 0

Final Fantasy games take you to universes that you want to explore, level up in and become the most bad ass character with a giant sword that anyone has ever seen. While Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is a remake from the other installment in the series (Final Fantasy XIV) which drastically improves the leveling system and also adds the job system from FF3, this MMO becomes a fun enthralling edition to the series which only gets bogged down sometimes by Square Enix's websites and the lack of s...

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Two Week Review 0

FFXIV:ARR is proving that you don't have to go crazy trying to innovate in the MMO genre to provide a good experience that users will enjoy and keep coming back to. While the verdict is still out on whether it will survive in it's release format, unlike most other new MMO offerings over the years, it does seem like both it and it's developers are around for the long haul to try and make this work rather than be another flash in the pan.The game itself is refreshing but not ground breaking. Comin...

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Definitely Some Improvement 0

Like many others, I started off with this particular game upon it's 2010 release. Having played FFXI growing up, I was more than ecstatic to see the new features that Square had to offer due to the advancement of gaming technology. To me, FFXI was ahead of it's time upon its release back in the early 2000's. Well, soon after following the creation of my initial character, I never played a more horrendous game in my life. Gameplay was linear, combat was mediocre, and the menu selection? Forget it...

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A great MMORPG that has an enjoyable story, mechanically solid gameplay and lots of content for Final Fantasy fans 0

Final Fantasy XIV Online was a complete and utter mess of a release that felt like an insult toFinal Fantasy fans. It released in an unfinished state that was so bad that Square Enix decided to remove the subscription fee from the game for over a year. The company also completely reshaped the development team to hopefully salvage the game from all the damage it had received from fans and the press. The failure of Final Fantasy XIV Online triggered its original producer to resign from Square Enix...

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It's as solid as Titan's thighs. 2

For starters, I began my MMO life in the dark recesses of the Ragnarok Online beta, I wasted most of my teenage years away in FFXI, I played a month of World of Warcraft for some strange reason, and finally I played a month of FFXIV 1.0 before I was crushed under the resounding weight of “meh”.Now I am now several months deep into (Realm Reborn/Classic Coke) FFXIV 2.0 with Scholar, Summoner, Alchemy, Carpenter, and Botany up to max level (50). I have completed the main storyline and have delved ...

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What it lacks in vision it makes up for with boredom. 0

I've had this game for about 3 days now. Total play time about 2 hours.It's usually at this point where you decide if you want to keep playing a game or not and without doubt, I threw my copy in the bin.Firstly, I wasted an hour trying to sort out account issues. I set up my account on the EU website but the game client on the PS3 couldn't find it. In fact I had to make an account on the American website first and then the game woke up.After a lengthy patch and character creation, I was dropped...

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Changed - Still Not 'Awesome' 0

I've been part of the process for Reborn since they first started giving out Alpha Access to players. The game has seen some massive, at times impressive changes. The biggest issue now and then, is people expect FFXI with pretty graphics, it's not that game. It will never be that game. It has shifted into a more mainstream process in leveling, which you may or may not like. The cores of the various classes are intact, but the overall feel of the gameplay is more inviting than the original.As of...

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Such a dissapointment 0

  First and foremost this game IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.  if your content with your MMO now this probably won't change your mind however im still gonna praise it for now. The UI has been bashed its not great, and could be soooo much better but apparently SE didnt take anyone to seriously about the UI in XI either o well. Compared to 11, this game is so much more accessible being able to change classes anywhere just by the change of a weapon is fantastic and the main classes, War or Mage disciplines a...

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