I've never played a Final Fantasy game, but Versus looks good.

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So I've never played and beat a Final Fantasy game. I've tried to play VII but I hate turn based combat with a passion.  
I love Kingdom Hearts though, except I feel the Disney characters hold the game back. The combat in it though was right up my alley. 
One day while I was reading the forums I saw KaosAngle mention something about Versus and Kingdom Hearts being very similar. 
Well one Youtube video later and I was impressed. The darker tone really draws me in. Along with the HUD and combat I think this could be my 
I don't know much about the lore of Final Fantasy. All I know is that most of the games have no connection at all.  
Any other Kingdom Hearts fans interested in this game?

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i could say the same.  the main reason why i want Versus is because the city looks so much like Tokyo and it reminds me of my child hood.  ive never beat a Kingdom Hearts game...

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I was, but then I remembered that Square is just going to release "Final Fantasy Versus XIII Crystalarium Internationalium ++ Final Mix" or whatever a year later with a whole lot of great shit added with a whole lot of Japan-exclusive.

I think I'm done with Square games until they get the concept of "DLC" through their thick skulls.

Also, Versus is never getting released.

i mad

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Yeah, I've been super excited for Versus XIII.....for the past five years. :(

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half life 3 will come out before versus I'm calling it!

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Well after playing the first two Kingdom Hearts games....Versus looks like a skip...
Then again I'm really put off by the melodramatic anime turns and pretty-boy heroes that pout and angst their way through a story, so the Disney part is actually what made Kingdom Hearts bearable.
Now I'm stuck with the generic anime bits and the gameplay that isn't that great? Eh...no thanks, maybe until I get a demo.

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I recently acquired FF12, and I like it a fair bit. 
However, there are far too many games from this year that I'll be playing far into next year, and then next year's games have to be taken into account. I don't if I'll have time to delve into a sequel to an ill-received game, even if it does manage to be far better than its predecessor. 
As for KH? I beat the first one, and never could get into any of the others. Upon a recent replay I realize that the battle system in it just isn't that great.  It's OK, but there are far better action games available.

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I've played every FF game since the first NES game...   Versus has me the most excited since FF7, seems like a huge step forward for Final Fantasy Series.  
I'm assuming it's the same team that made Crisis Core.  That game was phenomenal for a Handheld.

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KaosAngel aint here so this thread may as well not exist.

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Oh yeah, that game still exists.

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