So is this going to be a prequel?

#1 Posted by LiquidPrince (16603 posts) -

I was just watching the trailer that was released in 2008 and it got me thinking. It's been said that this game is set in the same universe as Final Fantasy XIII, but a look at the trailer suggests that it must take place far before where we start in XIII. For one all the soldiers don't look like they are wearing the same kind of crazy futuristic armor, and another thing I noticed is that they are driving actual cars. Like with wheels. Non hovering vehicles. That and the fact that the guns they use don't seem to be futuristic either. So anyone care to hazard a guess at how this will relate to regular 'ol Final Fantasy XIII?

#2 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

I heard it has nothing to do with regular Final Fantasy XIII and/or has very, very, very loose ties with the rest of Fabula Nova Crystalis. I can't find any links, but I do remember reading that Versus XIII was conceived due to development idea differences.

#3 Posted by JJOR64 (19600 posts) -

From what I've heard, it's supposed to take place in the same universe as FFXIII.  Other then that, I really don't know anything about it.

#4 Posted by m1k3 (1486 posts) -

all we really know right now is that it takes place in the same universe, but who know what they mean by "universe"

#5 Posted by NinjaHunter (998 posts) -

I've heard it's more of a parallel universe type of deal. It will have similar themes but not in the exact same universe.

#6 Posted by Supermarius (1223 posts) -

yeah from all indications it does not take place on the same world. People have been gewtting the wrong impression that all the ff13 games are in the same universe, but apparently from developer comments they only share some of the same themes.

#7 Posted by Marz (5786 posts) -

At least they use the same hairspray in both universes.

#8 Posted by Sanj (2807 posts) -

Apparently it's a different world, i.e. not cocoon or pulse. But set in the same "universe".
#9 Posted by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

this looks like it has nothing to do with ff13, just rename it ff15 and be done with it

#10 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

Basically the same Gods who made the Fal'cie on Pulse left to make more worlds, Versus will be on one of those. Expect more crystals and possibly other Fal'cie.

#11 Posted by AuthenticM (4257 posts) -

I always thought the game would be set on the other side of the Planet, hence the two games being unrelated.

#12 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

The further away the connection, the better. Maybe the magic crystals are called the same thing as 13, and that's about it.

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