Will we see Versus XIII at E3 2009?

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Am I on the right road to E3?
Am I on the right road to E3?
I'm all for the original Final Fantasy XIII, but the lack of updates we've been receiving on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a game which excites me by just reading the name, is a bit disappointing. I think the game's official reveal would great show-stealer for Sony at this year's E3. The game looks amazing as it is, just imagine what they can show us at the conference.

I don't believe the game's ever been officially confirmed for E3 though. I'm standing strong and hoping the game will be present, but as for now that's all I can do. You think the game will make the show?
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What IS Final Fantasy Versus?

That's not sarcastic, I'm serious. Is it a spin-off series? Is it still turn based? Educate me.

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TooWalrus said:
What IS Final Fantasy Versus?That's not sarcastic, I'm serious. Is it a spin-off series? Is it still turn based? Educate ... [more]
It's basically another next-gen Final Fantasy game, except its not Final Fantasy XIII, it's Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The games are two completely different games with different storylines, etc. It's just another Final Fantasy game, except with a darker, grittier theme than Final Fantasy XIII. You play as a Prince named Noctis, and the empire he rules is the last of it's kind and remains the resting place of the final crystal. Not much is actually known about the game's plot though. As for whether it's turn-based, no gameplay footage has been released yet, so I'm not sure, but this game's definitely for an older audience.

It looks very reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII, that's why I'm more excited for it than Final Fantasy XIII. Go to the game's page for a better overview than what I can provide you.
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If I'm not mistaken, Versus is a game that shares the same universe as FFXIII, but is otherwise not related in terms of story. I think gameplay is also going to be like an action-RPG. It's handled by the Kingdom Hearts team, also.

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So what exactly do you want them to reveal at E3? Another remixed trailer? There's like 3 or 4 of them out there already. I'd love to finally see some gameplay footage though, but an actual playable build seems very unlikely -- especially now that the Kingdom Hearts team won't be attending E3 due to swine flu. If Square Enix had anything big to reveal regarding certain projects you'd think they'd take some of the key people on said projects with them.

Oh, and the game was already confirmed to be an action RPG in very much the same vein as Kingdom Hearts when it was first announced 3 years ago. Play KH2 and Dissidia and you should get a pretty decent idea of what this game will be like. I'm hoping it'll be more along the lines of a Devil May Cry in terms of depth though, but probably not since in the end it's still an RPG and character skill will be more important than player skill (unless they opt to remove the leveling system -- which they did in FFCC The Crystal Bearers so I wouldn't put it past them to do it here as well).

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