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Final Fantasy is a revolutionary role playing game

 Final Fantasy is a role playing game with turn based gameplay, that started a series for years to come. You start your quest by picking 4 characters with their own special ability. The quest begins in a kingdom, and pits you out to search the world in search save a kingdom at the start, and afterward doing quests for many different people across the globe for people or creatures of many fictions. You'll awaken an elf, and find a crystal eye, and find the 4 crystals of light.
Final Fantasy is one of the first JRPG's, and changed the standards for time to come with very acceptional additions to the genre already kind of there. You will walk around towns, and talk to people, solving problems around the world and searching for key items to help you on your quest. Talking to most people around towns is very helpful, leaving you with small pieces of information to find what you are looking for, and what you are trying to solve. Characters you can choose range from warriors, theifs, white and black mages, as well as a few others, giving you more replay value to try out different types of teams. As you walk around the open world map or dungeons you will encounter enemies that you can either battle or flee from, but battling will give you experience points to level up, as well as loot and items. Dying in battle will give you a game over and make you start from your last stay at an Inn, or your last save. As you progress through the game you will be given various things to travel or unlock different parts of the overworld to progress further throughout the game. The music score in Final Fantasy is phenomenal, and never stops doing so. You will always want to keep yourself playing, as well as being in the mode while playing this game the whole time.
The graphics for Final Fantasy aren't particularly great, but do justice for type of game it is, as well as the scope of this massive game. The presentation and story keep you wanting to play, and dive deep into this RPG. I recommend this game for any role playing fan out there, but not everyone. Final Fantasy is as traditional as it gets, but is still great fun, and one of the best role playing experiences out there.


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