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Final Fight 3 is the third Final Fight game in the Final Fight series; the second game released for the Super Nintendo in 1995 in Japan, and 1996 for the U.S and Europe. Final Fight 3 features the return of Guy, from the original Final Fight.


Guy's return to Metro City.

After the demise of the Mad Gear, a power struggles occurs among the many street gangs of Metro City. One gang known as Skull Cross reigns supreme. Mayor Mike Haggar gets a visit from Guy, one of the playable characters from the original Final Fight, he returns from his training session. But the welcome reunion was cut short as a explosion occurs just outside of Mike Haggar's office. A police detective named Lucia Morgan enters Mike Haggar's office and tells him that a full on riot has happen among all the street gangs of Metro City. Lucia enlist the aid of Mike Haggar and Guy to put things under control, as they head on out, another mysterious person appears and offers to help.

As soon things cool down, the heroes find out the riot was just a distraction for the heroes and the police for the Skull Cross to break several member of Skull Cross out of prison; several prison inmates were former Mad Gear members, such as the Andore family. The mysterious person from the beginning introduces himself as Dean, a street fighter whose family was murder by the Skull Cross for refusing to join their gang. Dean seeks revenge from Skull Cross for the death of his family.

The heroes' journey leads them through areas of Metro City while doing battle against members of the Skull Cross. They head into a cargo ship that belong to Skull Cross and discover a huge stockpile of weapons. They soon infer that Skull Cross was smuggling weapons for someone, they also see the words "Sim Inc." written over the cargo. The heroes head out to other areas of Metro City. The clues they uncover along the way lead them back into the city, to a building that's considered to be the tallest building of Metro City.

The end of Skull Cross.

As the heroes of Metro City wage battle against members of Skull Cross, they finally made it to the roof of the building and see whom is behind the whole catastrophe. A helicopter lands on the roof of the building and a man jumps out; the president of Sim Inc. Black. The heroes defeat Black and give him the final blow by knocking him into electrical wires - electrocuting him to death.

The four heroes save the day once again. Dean goes off on his own but thanks Haggar for his help on getting revenge on Sull Cross.


Haggar, piledrives his way to victory.

The game uses the same buttons from the first two games; the game uses two buttons, attack and jump, a special attack can be perform by pressing both buttons at the same time (a single button can be use for a special attack). The special attack can drain the player's health when used.

Final Fight 3 introduces more attacks moves to the formula. The player can now run by tapping on the D-Pad twice, and with a combination with the attack button, can perform a dash attack. The player can also grab an enemy from behind and perform attacks moves from that position. A special meter that was found in fighting games such as Super Street Fighter II Turbo is introduce in Final Fight 3. The special meter fills up when the players attacks, once the meter is filled, the player can perform a special attack on an enemy by using a short combination of buttons.

The game allows the player to take different directions at some point in the game's stages. Some areas would result to different enemies for the player to fight.

The bonus stage.

Two bonus stages appear in some points in the game. The first stage takes place on the docks and the objective is to defeat a member of Skull Cross whom is on a bulldozer whom is also trying to push the player off the docks; the player must defeat the member of Skull Cross before it's too late. The other bonus stage is the player must destroy a computer, but must go through an area where multiple barrels are falling down on the player. The player must get through the falling barrels and destroy the computer before the time runs out.

Like the previous games, items are presented in the stages. Health will appear for the player heal his or her character up. Other items are weapons for the player to use against enemies. Each of the playable characters specializes on a weapon; for example, Guy can specializes on nun-chucks and will use them in a different fashion than the other characters.

Each enemies in the game differ from each other. For example, Joe - a little person on skates - can move very fast and jump on the player to unleash damage on him or her; and Hunter - a man in a baseball uniform and hockey mask - can attack the player with a baseball bat.

Co-Op play in action.

Co-Op play allows two people play the game simultaneously. Final Fight 3 lets the player play the Co-Op alone with a computer control A.I.


Mike Haggar - The mayor of Metro City is called into action once again as a new gang society named Skull Cross tries to take over Metro City.

Guy - Back from his training session, Guy returns to Metro City but his welcome return is cut short as trouble arises in Metro City and is called into action once again.

Dean - A street fighter who was invited to be a member of the Skull Cross gang. But rejected their offer, and a result, his family was killed by Skull Cross. Dean seeks revenge from the Skull Cross gang for the death of his family.

Lucia Morgan - A police detective Metro City SCU - Special Crime Unit. She was accused of corruption but was cleared with the help of Mike Haggar.

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