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Double The Impact? 0

Capcom is certanly rolling out the retro games as well as the modern refreshes. With the love hate of the 8-bit Megaman Mixes it s interesting to see how this shapes upon a bit of a retro kick lately.   Seeing this launching in the arcade cabinet does make you feel like a kid. The old approach to Xbox Live download games was fine, but this just does something, I am not sure what but it does. You could say it is a cop out and that But it is just done with love and you can tell.  So it is clear f...

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Twice the Old School in a Fantastic Package... 0

Note - I had footage of me playing these games, but I guess it didn't turn out well. Here's my video in case y'all still want to see it. Capcom knows how to do old-school right in this current generation of consoles especially on the downloadable services like Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network from Bionic Commando Rearmed, Mega Man 9 and 10, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Their latest downloadable offering is Final Fight: Double Impact, a fantastic retro package that cons...

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Two strange tastes that taste strange together. 0

  Final Fight: Double Impact is an unlikely combination of two arcade releases from the early 90s, bundled together in a nifty little $10 value package. Though it’s hard to not feel like there is a sense of shame in the advertising of this game, like they Capcom marketing team doesn’t want you to know that Magic Sword is included in the bundle. “In this great retro package, you get the legendary FINAL FIGHT and another game, vote Hagger for Mayor!” Odd.  Which is a shame, as I liked Magic Sword...

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Final Fight Double Impact Review 0

The bones of my knuckles protrude through the dilapidated tatters of my crimson-stained skin.  A cool evening breeze carries away the reeking scent of my singed hair and charred clothes.   My thoughts are a jumbled mess, floating around inside my concussed cranium.  A mile-long trail of unconscious thugs chronicles our path through the city, but at long last, our mission has reached its conclusion.  The mayor’s daughter is safe again. “I won’t let anything bad happen to you again” Mike Hag...

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Haggar for Mayor! 0

This is a direct resurrection of magic sword and final fight.  The soundtrack has been significantly improved from the original (just try the old audio to see what I mean), and the visuals have been tuned up as well.  While I loved the original Final Fight, and bought this game wanting to relive it with a friend, I found that it had not aged well with me.  The simplistic gameplay was certainly nostalgic, but I also found it quite boring.  I had never played Magic Sword, and it was a huge dissapo...

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Final Fight: Double Impact Review 0

By - Craig H.  Nostalgia is what many companies are hanging their hats on these days when it comes to remaking arcade classics for release on present consoles. Many do little more than just make the game work on your system and that’s it. Final Fight: Double Impact tries to break that mold and expand on the arcade experience.Final Fight: Double Impact includes both the full arcade releases of Final Fight and Dragon Sword. Also included is co-op capability for both via Xbox Live or splitscreen. O...

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