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Final Fight Revenge is a 3D fighting game that was released in the arcades in 1999 made on the Sega ST-V hardware. A home version was later released on the Sega Saturn in Japan on March 30, 2000. This Spin-off of the Final Fight franchise was developed by the same American team behind Maximo and Final Fight: Streetwise. Neither the arcade nor Saturn version of the game was released outside of Japan despite it featuring full English localization.


Final Fight Revenge features a control configuration that uses an eight-direction joystick and five buttons; two punches, two kicks, and one special.


Final Fight Revenge takes place in-between the original Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha 3. The Mad Gear gang is looking to rebuild and reestablish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in Metro City. In single-player mode, the player selects a fighter and must fight through six opponents in order to reach the final boss; a zombified version of Belger, the former Mad Gear leader that fell to his death at the end of the original Final Fight.

Sega Saturn Port

The Saturn version of the game requires the 4-meg RAM cartridge in order to play.


The game's roster is made up of characters that appeared in the original Final Fight.

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