slither_maggot's Final Fight: Streetwise (Xbox) review

Pit Fights and Beat'em'up

While this game got panned hard by reviews I try to find the good in just about every game and while this game wasn't perfect, there was fun to be found in it. The story is a little loose but manages to hold some charm with it's tie-ins to the original Final Fight through characters/cameos.

There are things players can do to make easy money like the classic, break it and loot it but there are also pit fights. The pit fights are pretty cool and with spending some cash you can buy combos at various gyms throughout the game which can turn your into a pretty brutal fighter both in and out of the pits. The graphics are similar to the GTA III/Vice City style and some of the sound effects can be pretty juicy such as the smashing an enemy's face into the asphalt.

There game's soundtrack can be customized with tracks/singles from real bands which can be purchased in stores in the game and added to a 4 track cycle that plays in the games background. There are also in-game advertisements for bands which is a unique touch. The games cameos are a fun way the game tips it's hat to what came before it and for fans of the franchise is something in and of itself to be appreciated. As a whole this game isn't as bad as I believe it was made out to be. While there are better games there are certainly a helluva lot worse.


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