Final Fight or Streets of Rage!

#1 Posted by TechHits (1391 posts) -

Final Fight or Streets of Rage? Growing up playing final fight I have a strong attachment to it. Streets of Rage is a universally praised brawler, However after playing it for the first time it was a bit of a let down. So it got me thinking what most gamers thought was better, do most agree with me that Final Fight was better, or do they think the Sega exclusive Streets of Rage holds up. I wana hear what GB has to say.

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I guess Final Fight had more polish since it started off as an arcade game. But at the time Streets of Rage wasn't bad for a home game. It had pretty good music too if I'm remembering things correctly. The sequils for both games kinda went downhill after the first offering.

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Final Fight has the advantage of being awesome as an arcade game, but Streets of Rage had better sequels.

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You have to ask yourself which one has the playable kangaroo and old, bald, cyborg with a fu man chu and electrical claw hands.

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I loved playing Final Fight in the arcades.. then my buddy got SOR for genesis, and it scratched that beat em up itch... 
But if I must pick one, I'll go with Final Fight every time.
For those on the fence.... 

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Streets of Rage II

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..there's actually an argument about this? 
Streets of Rage 2. On the music alone.

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Streets of Rage for the music alone.  Final Fight and Streets of Rage play very similarly, and the SNES version of FF was so butchered that I think I had more fun with SoR by default.

#9 Posted by DrFidget (215 posts) -

  Streets of Rage.

#10 Edited by ComradeKhan (686 posts) -
@Jazz said:

" ..there's actually an argument about this? Streets of Rage 2. On the music alone. "

"Under Logic"... "Slow Moon"... or shit even just that intro theme. Amazing game.     
#11 Posted by Sayishere (1841 posts) -

I played Final Fight once, which was quite recently, i was brought up on Streets of Rage, so obviously i pick that 

#12 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

Streets Of Rage 2 > Final Fight 
I don't care much for the Final Fight sequels, but the original Streets Of Rage felt really limited compared even back then. 
Even though you could call in the cops to come blow shit up.

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