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Final Zone II is a top down shooter developed by Renovation Game and published by NEC Technologies (Telenet Japan Co. in Japan) for the TurboGrafx-CD platform.

It continues from the original Final Zone, set several years later. Harward Bowie, Momoko Ring and Randy Hansen return, and the sequel's story concerns a conspiracy that involves the destruction of Bowie's ship just before he and his military squad are about to begin a mission. The survivors face the hostile force on the planet they were about to strike from orbit, but this is revealed to be a misdirect and the game's plot continues to twist and turn.

Like the first game, the game uses a top-down perspective similar to Last Alert or Ikari Warriors. Instead of being commandos, however, the playable characters all fight in N.A.P.s, or New Age Power-Suits. These versatile mech suits provide them with a lot more maneuverability and firepower, and are different for each character (they can be told apart by their bright colors).

The game is best known for the low quality of its localized voice track, a recurring theme with Telenet Japan CD games that saw US releases.

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