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The start/finish line as seen in Mario Speedwagons
The finish line as seen in Mario Kart Wii.

The race is on, the countdown begins, 3, 2, 1... GO! You stepped on the gas on the car or go-kart and what did you cross when the race begins or ends? The finish line! The finish line is a racing concept where racers cross this line to signify various ways: laps, finishing the race or starting the race. There are various ways this concept is used for. For example in the Mario Kart franchise, Lakitu is flying above the line with his start signal in his hand, signifying the start of the race. This line means anything when you're racing. Even though the finish line means anything for racing, it could be any type of racing: running, kart racing, snowboarding and more. So if you cross this line, then it also means that you'll earn points for your performance in various racing titles like the Mario Kart series, the Wave Race series and more. There are endless possibilities that this concept can do so get in your car or kart, rev up your engine, hit the gas and... GO!

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