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National Pokedex No.  #456         

Species:  Wing Fish Pokemon   

Type: Water   

Abilities:  Swift Swim or Storm Drain   

Height:  1'04"   

Weight:  15.4 lbs  


Evolutionary Line

Finneon evolves to a  Lumineon at level 31. 

Pokedex Entry

Diamond: After long exposure to sunlight, the patterns on its tail fins shine vividly when darkness arrives. 
Pearl: The way its two tails fins flutter while it swims has earned it the nickname " Beautifly of the Sea". 
Platinum: The line running down its side can store sunlight. It shines vividly at night. 
HeartGold/SoulSilver: Swimming and fluttering its two tail fins, It looks like a Beautifly. At night, the patterns on its tail fin softly shine. 

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