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Fiora is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles. A villager from Colony 9, she is Dunban's younger sister and grew up alongside Shulk and Reyn. Not quite trusting the latter to defend the comparatively weaker Shulk despite his background as a member of the colony's defense forces, she refuses to let Shulk and Reyn go on a supply expedition without her. She is an excellent cook, although she criticizes Shulk for not being able to appreciate her talents fully. She also seems to have a soft spot for Shulk. After Dunban's return from the Battle of Sword Valley, in which the use of the Monado left him with a withered arm, she does what she can to care for her brother.

Early on in the game, Fiora is a part of the player's party when Colony 9 comes under Mechon assault. During the attack, she is thought to be mortally wounded by the mysterious Mechon "Metal Face", and her body is lost in the chaos. It is later revealed, however, that Fiora was taken by the Mechon forces and given a machine body. Though she is eventually able to rejoin Shulk and the others in their quest, her memories of her past are lost in a fog.


When Fiora first joins the party, she is an agile attacker and wields a pair of knives. In the latter half of the game, after her machine body conversion, she gains the special ability to deal damage to Mechon enemies without the need of Shulk's use of the Monado.

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