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Fire Ant Types

There are 5 different kinds of Fire Ants.

Fire Ant Worker
Fire Ant Soldier
Fire Ant Warrior
Fire Ant Nest Guardian
Fire Ant Queen

Out of these 5, the Nest Guardian and Queen can only be found in the Queen Ant's Hatchery, through Dr. Lesko's lab in Marigold Metro Station. 


Those! is a quest given by Bryan Wilks who's settlement has been attacked by Fire Ants, causing his father and friends to die leaving him no safe place to stay. Your first mission is to find the source of the Fire Ants, which can be found in Dr. Lesko's lab. He explains that he was trying to return Giant Ants to normal ant size, but a small error and use of wrong chemicals gave the Giant Ant the ability to breathe fire. Dr. Lesko then asks for your aid to undo the fire breathing effect, or you can chose to just kill the Fire Ant Queen. 

After this, you will need to find Bryan a home, which can be done by talking to Bryan's cousin Vera Weatherly (Who owns the Weatherly Hotel) and she'll take him. Another way is to convince the mayor of Little Lamplight to let Bryan live there. The third alternative is a negative Karma solution which is to trick Bryan to be sold as a slave to Eulogy Jones in Paradise Falls. 

Fire Ant Nectar

Fire Ant Nectar can be sold to Dr. Lesko after completing Those! for 40 caps per nectar.

Consuming Fire Ant Nectar will give you 25 Fire Resistance and 4 Agility, however, it also drops your Intelligence by 3. The Fire Resistance boost is very useful during Those! since all the ants breathe fire and this will reduce the damage significantly.

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