Damage Averages?

#1 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1660 posts) -

So, earlier today I managed to get a crit with Frederick at level 6 for 111 damage, I'm not that far in and that seems a little crazy. I'm a bit curious to know what they'll be like towards the end. I'm on chapter 11 right now and I'm still doing about 30 damage per character (when the attack twice, which is an awful lot). Does the average damage get much higher than that?

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thats higher than some ive gotten at stage 18 hard lol, good job.

its triple the damage so it can get really high. Damage does get higher but not that much higher. A weak hit for my MU is 24 or so damage. (chpt 18)

also i may be late but frederick is an exp sap, better spent on other units but his growths are still good so it shouldnt be too bad.

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