DLC help - I'm probably an idiot.

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So, uh, I feel like a person who has never played a video game before, but how the fuck do you download the DLC in this game? When I go to the eShop it tells me it must open the software to download the stuff, but I can't seem to find any sort of option within the game to download it. I just want to grab the free DLC before it's no longer free (3/5).

I downloaded the game from the eShop, if that means anything.

I really hope I'm not missing some obvious menu choice somewhere.

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It's all in-game from the other-world gate, which you unlock after like... chapter 4.

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Get to chapter 4 (or 5?) and the "DLC shop" opens up in game.

I had the same problem because it took me about 2 days to get far enough to download anything.

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@arbitrarywater: Oh, perfect. Thank you. I hadn't realized it was an actual location in the game. It probably told me and I missed it. : |

Edit: Got everything sorted out, downloaded the DLC. Love this game, so I'll probably end up buying more later. Thanks again!

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@hatking: You'll unlock a map node called "Outrealm Gate," which conveniently has DLC in big letters next to it in the name. That's where you'll be able to download the paid DLC maps in game.

If you're looking for the psuedo DLC from spot pass, that's all under the wireless menu in "Bonus Box"

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Which DLC allows Donnel become a demon hunter or whatever class?

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@colourful_hippie: Lost Bloodlines 2, whenever that's released. It gives you the Dread Scroll which turns any male character lvl 10+ in a non-promoted or non-promoting class, or any level in a promoted class, into a Dread Fighter.

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