Maxing my stats.

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I got some great help earlier so I hope I get the same help again <3 Here is my issue, I took Chrom to level 20 I think twice and on the third attempt as a Paladin, around level 9 he stopped getting stats. Not a single thing all the way to 20. However, there is a team I'm fighting that are all level 1 but with 80 hp (I have 80 as well) but they one shot him every time. This leads me to believe I can still increase his res/def but the only way I know of is those rare items that increase those stats.

However, if I choose a different class do you think his stats will go up in those categories? Like I am maxed out in Paladin but if I did Mage now he would increase in the mages stats? I am afraid to do this on my own as I don't want to lose all my str if I turn him into a mage or something else.

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Changing a unit's class doesn't do any permanent changes to their stats. When a unit's class is changed, they gain/lose stats based on the roles of the classes. For example, going from a Warrior to a Thief would result in the unit losing some strength and defense, but their speed and skill will increase. If you change the unit back to the original class, they'll get their original stats back along with any increases that they got from their levels as another class.

To answer your question, Chrom would have higher Magic and resistance growth rates (the likelihood of a stat getting a point when the unit gains a level). Chrom is sturdy enough to take a few hits from magic (especially if he pairs up with a Peg. Knight/Resistance-heavy class), but if you want to max his stats, all you have to worry about is getting the Resistance points on level ups.

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You can't max every stat to twenty. Even advance classes have caps on each stat. Nothing you do changes the max stat, your Chrom is maxed out that's why he's not growing anymore. You might be able to max the characters that turn into animals, I never hit any stat caps with them while they were in that class. Its a good idea to switch them all over to a regular class, max that out, then switch them back to the animal class. But those guys are as close as you get. But you dont really need it anyway, the game never gets hard enough to need that.

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Ah, right. To add onto Ryanwhom's point, if the stat is displayed in Green, the unit has the highest possible stat for that class.

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@flappy: That is good to know thanks for clearing that up for me. I love this whole marriage and having kids thing. I didn't know there was different combos :( I don't want one dude to be married to one girl as I don't think they would have a good future :P

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Any skills/equipment that give you bonus stats can put you over your character's caps. Additionally, the Rogues and Redeemers 3 DLC map gives you the Limit Breaker item for completing it. When used, it teaches a character the Limit Breaker skill which, when equipped, increases all of your max stats by 10.

Also this list shows you the max stats per class and this list shows you the max stats per character, per class.

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I was sad today when I used an item that I got that provided 5 MP and plus 2 to every stat, it might of been higher. Either way, when I used it on my toon with 80 HP it didn't increase I guess you cannot go higher.

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Whoever you are hanging around with that gave you the impression that it is acceptable to refer to your RPG characters as "toons" is a bad person.

But yes, you cannot give a character more than 80 HP (except by equipping the Fighter's HP+5 skill), and any stat that is green means it is already maxed, so try not to spend a Naga's Tear on a unit with maxed stats.

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