Need some help before I start the game!

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Ok so I am a huge jrp fan but i have never been into the fire emblem series so i really dont know what difficulty classic/casual setting to set it to,

I dont mind a challenge but i dont know how the units can come back to life setting is.would it be more annoying then a challenge or would it be better to go on a harder dificulty and play casual then normal with classic.

Thank you for any help and i cant wait to enjoy this game :D

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@cire147258369: I'll share my experience so far as someone that hasn't played a Fire Emblem game until earlier today.

I'd argue forcefully for the classic setting. It adds an incredible amount of tension to the game, and adds weight to the conversations that happen between characters. You become more engaged in the conversations, and the characters having them, when every scene could be their last. As you become more engaged and interested in the characters, combat becomes more intense and weighty as a character could be lost permanently at almost any moment.

Without the permadeath option, the weight of the combat and the poignancy of the conversations is unfortunately diminished.

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do normal classic. the setups are pretty easy but you will have to pay attention to tactics. resetting if someone dies espcially in the start is fine.

you will learn from your mistakes and become a better player. (ie keep your peg knights away from archeres1!!, etc.)

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