Noob questions: dlc and when

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So I just picked up this game, and got to chapter 4. Then I unlocked the outer gate (or what have you). As I sifted through the options, I had some questions:

Should I download any of the extra characters (like Marth, Ike, etc), or will that break the game?

Should I finish the main game before the dlc? Kinda want to play the new one (don't judge me!), but I want to not get lost by missing story.

Is there anything else I should know as I start this game? This is my first fire emblem, and I'm playing with permadeath off, but all the stuff feels a little overwhelming.

Any info is appreciated. Help me not suck at fire emblem!

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DLC doesn't necessarily break the game considering there's an item called a Reeking Box that allows you to grind over and over; the DLC merely expedites farming and grinding. For DLC that include skills or classes, yes, they can potentially break the main game, but you have to earn them. It took me about 40 hours to get a team good enough to earn me the Limit Breaker skill on the Lunatic difficulty. However, this leads to a situation where one character can beat the final map of the main game in two turns, no joke. If you want to challenge yourself on your first playthrough, then hold off on the DLC. If you just want to get through the game and see the sights, then research what DLC is available and buy what you think you'll like.

Also, I wouldn't really consider any of the DLC characters as overpowered. Some of them have unique attributes such as Marth being able to wield the Falchion, but they have no support conversations and thus cannot benefit from pairing up as well as the main cast.

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Just picked up the game, and though I'd jump in here with a question of my own. Is there any reason not to access the bonus missions or characters? Will any of those quests or characters disappear over time or are they always going to be available?

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@sparky_buzzsaw: If you're talking about the SpotPass bonus missions that appear as orange dots on the map, then those aren't accessible until the main story is finished. If you're talking about the SpotPass missions that have all those old-school Fire Emblem characters, then I don't see any reason against using them; none of them will disappear and you can call them onto the map at any time. Also, you can just straight-up recruit the character if you've got enough scratch.

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Just picked up the game, and though I'd jump in here with a question of my own. Is there any reason not to access the bonus missions or characters? Will any of those quests or characters disappear over time or are they always going to be available?

If you are referring to the Paralogue chapters, no, they will not disappear, but like story missions cannot be replayed once beaten. Like story chapters, however, they can serve as settings for battles that randomly spawn on the map or spawn with the help of a Reeking Box.

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All the content you unlocked remains available once you have unlocked it. While some of it requires you being at a certain point in the game to access the missions, the game does not have a "point of no return" where bonus content cannot be accessed. The only way content cannot be accessed is by having specific characters killed off before unlocking the missions. So once a paralogue shows up on the map or a map is available in the outrealm gate, it stays there for good.

There is only particular set of bonus content I would suggest holding off on. The DLC clearly made for grinding may make the game too easy though, especially if your playing on normal difficulty. I suggest holding off on purchasing the grinding DLC until a second playthrough.

The rest of the bonus content has a pretty good difficulty for the rewards they give out. I'd say tackle most of the bonus stuff as soon as it shows up/you are at a good level to tackle it.

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Terrific! Thanks for all the advice. Digging the hell out of the game so far, and I'm sure I will be buying the DLC at some point.

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Just started and should I forge weapons? I'm only on chapter 6 and starting to get to the point of where I will have to purchase some weapons from a store, should I spend money on forging them?

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So, what about the actual paid for DLC missions? Are there any worth getting?

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@sessh: I was told that it is worth it if you are enjoying the game and that you can play it anytime without having to worry too much about the story. I am going to wait until after I beat the game and see if I'm still into it enough before I buy it. I'll let you know if I buy it before you do. If you bought it let me know what you thought :D

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@nightriff: I just read a guide that suggests generally not forging weapons with one exception: when you use a master seal and your new class has a weapon they haven't used before. I used this to pretty good effect when I upped a cleric to war cleric then bought a bronze axe and forged it for grinding.

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