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So I been doing a bit of grinding in the early-ish part of the game and I was curious how the marriage works as far as this:

Whenever you get a S rank between two people do they automatically marry?

Or can you choose whether or not they tie the knot?

And if I do have Sully marry can she still max out her friendship with another male party member but not marry again (not that I want her too)?

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Once a couple hits the S rank they automatically marry. You can choose not to do the support conversation that would give them the S rank but you wouldn't get the support bonuses.

And once a character is married they can't have S ranked support with another character since they can't get married to someone else. You can still get an A rank with other characters though.

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Thanks for your help. Have a couple links with I think Sumira already at B just from playing and didn't want to screw her relationship up.

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