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Ok, so I'm interested in having the original Japanese audio, but I can't seem to find an option for turning on subtitles during the cutscenes... Am I just missing an obvious (or less than obvious) setting somewhere?

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It's in options, all the way down at the bottom. You can't turn them on until after the first cutscene.

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Glah, that's what I was missing. Had to actually get to the world map. Thanks!!

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Anyone else having trouble getting the JP VO to stick? Every time I start the game it goes back to english for the little conversational blurbs. It stays in japanese for the cutscenes, but the little barks during the 2d conversations are english. I have to go to the main menu and toggle back and forth to get it back to japanese VO.

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@Avaren: Seems like it's a bug that everyone is getting. It's a bit of a bummer.

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@avaren: Oh I thought it was just me its annoying I want Japanese only.

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