Think I could beat this in two weeks?

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I don't have a good sense of how long this game is. Thought about starting it tonight, but Bravely Default comes out a week from next Friday, and I know I'll want to start that in day one. Think, what is it, 12 days is enough to give this game, or should I wait until I can devote more time to it? Thanks in advance.

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Day 1? You mean day 60?

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I played it on Hard - Casual and the timer at the end of the game was around 33 hours. I finished all but four of the paralogues (side missions, essentially, unlocked by having enough supports for a female and male character to marry) and had enough supports for Chrom and Lissa to find the protagonist alive at the end.

I also did a fair bit of grinding, though you probably won't do as much if you play on Normal.

Finishing a 30 hour game in two weeks is reasonable if you manage your time well and focus on it (and don't have a bunch of other obligations to tend to).

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Well, do you think you can put 25 - 40 hours in two weeks? If not then is probably reccomend waiting.

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@canteu: Well, day one in the States.

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@figurehead00: Yeah, if you really wanted, the game is probably finishable in like 25-35 hours. If you mostly just do the main story chapters (and the paralogues, which are basically optional story chapters on the side that sometimes give you an optional character), each of those is rarely more than an hour long. That's still kind of a lot to pack into the span of two weeks.

You can really spend as much time as you want to put into it, though, since your map can also be populated with random battles with enemies that you can ignore if you want, or you can grind a bit and level your dudes up. Similarly, if you Streetpass people ever, you can fight other players' teams for experience. Grinding it out can be fun because you can keep changing your characters' class/job, letting you mix and match all sorts of skills from different classes together on one character.

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Awesome, thanks for the information guys. I think I'll take a shot at it.

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@canteu: Ugh, I hate being on this side of it!

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Haven't played it yet, but am expecting it in the mail tomorrow! Pretty excited, hope we both enjoy it.

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