Thoughts on Lunatic Mode?

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Just beat the game last night on Hard difficulty. While it definitely wasn't an easy Fire Emblem game (the last few chapters especially were pretty tricky), I had a few characters that were just a bit too overpowered (Donell, his son, and myself to a lesser extent) for it to seem like a real hardcore challenge. And while I would like to get even deeper into the team building and reclassing systems on a subsequent playthrough, I don't feel like the game gives too much of an incentive to do so, considering I have already beaten the game without it. While I would try to go through the game on Lunatic, that mode is just friggin' ridiculous. I was barely able to get through the first chapter after half a dozen tries. However, I will admit beating the first level felt far more rewarding and strategic than my time on hard mode.

Has anyone beaten the game on Lunatic? Does it get easier as the game opens up and allows for grinding? Is something like the DLC buffs necessary for success? When can I stop relying on Frederick? How much of your success was just up to luck?

Also, is the DLC sizable and challenging? Would a playthrough with the game's DLC on hard mode provide a sufficient change of pace and challenge?

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I haven't tried it since it doesn't seem fun, but apparently Lunatic mode requires grinding.

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@morbid_coffee: Yes, it most definitely does, but I'm perfectly fine with grinding in Fire Emblem, and making a perfectly amazing dream team.

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It is difficult for the first few levels, but once you open up the DLC you are able to grind. Until then, you pretty much rely on Frederick to carry you. I guess it just comes down to how much you put into the strategic elements of the game. Lunatic makes you really study each tiny move and to be constantly aware of the weapon triangle / enemy move space.

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My attempts have been met with mostly frustration. Much like XCOM on Classic, it crosses the threshold between "Challenging, but fun" and "Oh geez everyone is dead. This is the opposite of fun".

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I thought I'd ask here instead of making an entire new thread but it's been a while since I've messed with the series but when I first played FE7 and the advice I received was to only promote once I get the base unit up to 20 and only bother maintaining a group of ~10. I'm wondering if that advice is still valid. With the option of grinding it do I now I have the option of training everyone? I recall reading that it's good to reclass a unit at level 10 and then train them back up to 20 -> Promote -> 20. Anybody have any tips?

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@ducksworth: Base classes get skills at level 1 and 10. Advanced classes get skills at 5 and 15. With the DLC and the option to grind, technically you can reclass as much as you want. Since your stats carry over, might as well reclass multiple times to get the skills. If you have the DLC that basically gives free EXP and Free Money, you can spend as much time as you want to build the team you want.

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The first half dozen stages are the most obnoxious, turning the battle into more of a combat puzzle that involves getting Frederick to face tank everyone while not dying. After wifi access, if you're bringing in your previous renown score, then you suddenly have a large supply of gold and good weapons for forging, which makes it easier, but still very challenging. Give it another half dozen stages though and the ability to grind and what-not unfolds fully and suddenly you can make things a cake walk yet again.

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